Beyond the classis consultancy, we have widened our services with these two special offers.

Business establishment consultancy / planning

Before the establishment of our new company we have to analyze  a few things:

  • which form of business ownership should we choose
  • will we use traditional employment policy or will we involve sub-contractors
  • what are the to-do’s which every newly founded company has to get done in a short deadline

This service has been developed to support those who are about to start a new enterprise. Through this service you will receive clarification as to which form of business ownership best suits your scheme, what are the expected tax burdens and the connected legal context.

Accountancy audit

If the bookkeeping of a company is in good hands, then you have nothing to fear from a contingent audit, therefore every business owner wants to know that the accounting of the company conducted by experts.

To help this, we have developed our „accountancy audit” service. In the frame of this service we examine your company’s  current bookkeeping as an external, independent auditor.